SoftDemo 1

by | Dec 27, 2015 |

Disaster Area

The Soft Demos were a series that we made for a local indy computer shop in Norwich, UK. SoftDemo1 was the second demo we wrote and it was pretty basic.  It was in many ways a step back from Disaster Area, but we had started to explore hardware sprites and their uses.  In this example we were using them for both the UV meters and the ‘star field’. It was originally completed in August 1991, but was only used in the shop and was never widely released because we didn’t know any swappers. This resurrected project was completed during the summer of 2013, but we’ve only just gotten round to releasing it.

None of the SoftDemo series really pushed the boundaries, but they were a stepping stone to our future careers. We were happy with them at the time and are still happy with them 25 years on.

Release ADF: SoftDemo1Release

Source Package: SoftDemo1Source