SoftDemo 2

by | Dec 30, 2015 |

Disaster Area

SoftDemo2 was the second in a series of demos displayed in a local computer shop’s window.  It’s possibly the most complex of the SoftDemo series and was our most ambitious undertaking at that time. The parallax scroll-texts were not only visually effective, but had the added bonus of causing anyone watching it for more than 20 seconds to fall over when looking away.  We’re very happy with the overall design of this one and think that it stood up well against releases from the late 80s.

This demo also saw the first outing of the green and red TZT logo that lasted for over 2 decades.

This resurrected project was completed during the summer of 2013, but we’ve only just gotten round to releasing it.

Release ADF: SoftDemo2Release

Source Package: SoftDemo2Source