Disaster Area, TZT’s first team demo

by | Sep 18, 2015 |

Disaster Area

Disaster Area was TZT’s first production.  It was finished in 1991 and it is, to be quite frank, awful.  It was a pivotal production for the group however, as it proved that we could, as a team, finish a project together.  This spurred us on to greater things.  Some of us it pushed into our chosen careers too.

The video and screen shot displayed here are from the resurrection project.  All of the source code and assets for this demo survived the intervening years and so I got it compiling,  tweaked some of the design problems, AGA/1200 fixed it and finally released it to the general public.

There are 3 changes from the original:-

  1. The original scroll area was under-scan because we didn’t really understand how to use ddfstart/stop back then. This was modified to be over-scan in the resurrection.
  2. The music player was from source provided by one Francis Lillie.  We didn’t understand it at all and as a result, the beats for the speakers were 6 frames behind the note.  This has been rectified.
  3. The scroll text itself was so bad that I just replaced it wholesale.

Release ADF: DisasterAreaRelease

Source Package: DisasterAreaSource