TZT are a UK based demo group participating in the demo scene that spans the globe.

For those of you who do not know what the demo scene is, it is a community of talented visual and aural artists who create their art through the use of computer technology. The individuals involved produce their artwork through their different skills which cover drawn and painted art (both on computer and by hand), programmed using such languages as C++, Java, Flash, HTML and Assembly Machine Code, created musically thought computer software and by more traditional instruments recorded into computers.

Individuals often join together to create groups although often these individuals can be in several groups at one time. The art that is produced comes in the form of Demos (audio/visual demonstrations), music disks, websites and video presentations. Individuals and groups are not bound by nationality or geographical boundaries and so many groups have members from different nations.

The demo scene is a forum to show others your creations, utilise your talents and meet other like-minded creative individuals!

Greetings to you from the TZT crew and watch this space for our new website coming soon.

Sprites and Masks

Im sure most people will be use to the idea of sprites and masks, but just incase ill quickly recap on the details of them before going into the trick im using for Dizzy.  A sprite is usually a chunk of memory representing the pixels for the graphic, you need to know...

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OCD… Maybe

Having got a working version of the levels displaying, i needed to a) speed the drawing up and b) sort out the code to a more usable format. Sorting the code was mainly due to the fact i had thrown things together to test if it could all work.  Everything was put into...

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Starting development

As i spend most of my days using developer studio, i have found that i love using it as an editor.  This use to cause me problems when i had to switch to other editors / system.  To be fair back in the day i loved comet assembler on the Sam, it was much better than...

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