We have been more busy than our posting schedule would suggest.  About this time last year, we went to the final Sundown, released in the PC demo competition and won! But what have we done since?  Well, the answer to that is work mostly…  Insomniac has run both the London Marathon and Rat Race ‘The Wall’.  Dr4n has been having a tough time if it with work.  Galoiwin has been constantly country hopping as per usual.  I’ve been making lots of physical things, fixing hardware, the usual.  Now Insomniac and I are getting ready for Nova at the end of this week.

So, what are the highlights of the last year?

Winning at the last Sundown was a really pleasant surprise.  It was a bit of a joke production, but it was proof of concept for our engine at the very least.  We have been working on it since to actually get it ready for release, but this has mostly taken a back seat thanks to life.

I got my A4000 back up and running.  This one was a MARATHON job.  There was so much battery damage that I thought it may never run again.  After repairing on the region of 50 tracks, it appears to running perfectly.  I’ve also added new front plates to it to allow the installation of two removable CF hard-drives and a floppy emulator.

I’ve also recapped 2 of Insomniac’s A1200s and my A600.

So, what are we going to do at Nova?  I am running a repair shop for ailing hardware.  Recaps mostly, but repairs too.  This very day I’ve been etching up some battery replacement boards, though this hasn’t gone exactly to plan yet.  More to come on this in the following days.

Will we be releasing anything at Nova?  We don’t plan to, but we have almost 4 days till then…