PaulProfileSo with the extra spare time this week I’ve managed to finish up and release the 2015 Xmas Intro, get both Disaster Area and SoftDemo1 ready to put up on pouet and now I’ve started working on the other 5 SoftDemos.  Considering they are already finished, they are a taking an age to actually get ready.

When I did the coding work for the resurrection projects back in 2013, I was still developing using Devpac3 running in WinUAE and used Notepad++ to do the text editing. Since then TZT have gone over to using a 680x0 cross assembler, but to do some final edits to the projects, I’ve had to completely upgrade them to the new system.  This is taking about an hour per project.

On top of this, the AVI capture in WinUAE is totally broken.  I’ve had to fall back to using Fraps, but because of the way Fraps captures videos (at 1.2gb/min) I have to re-compress it before it can go up onto YouTube if for no other reason than the size.  I’m sure this is way more complex that it has to be though.

Writing NFO files takes way longer than expected too.  Trying to dig details up on a project that’s getting on for 25 years old isn’t easy.  They aren’t the most complex of projects either, which makes it even harder to write things about them.  Just listing the credits without any history or detail is just a bit flat.

I love these old projects. They are a huge part of my history and in the end they were a stepping stone to my career. We were proud of them back in the day and I’m still proud of them now.  Packaging them up so they can finally fly on their own is taking time, between 4 and 8 hours each, but I’ve got to do them justice.