So, it would appear that I have a LOT of irons in the fire right now. This is the general list of what I’m currently working on.

Amiga Xmas Demo – This one was code complete some time back.  Just waiting for a scroll text and a release window.

Historical Releases – Repackaging all of the historical releases and putting them up on the web site.  This includes about 7 Amiga demos, a PS1 demo and a PC demo.

Oric Demo – This is one of the first demos for the 25th anniversary.  Why Oric?  Because that’s where I started.  I have a basic music player and some ideas for routines, but the system itself has a lot of hardware limitations like not having an attribute table and running on a 1Mhz 6502.

Oric Interface – I’m working on a second iteration of my Oric extension board.  The first system was in two separate boxes.  One that provided SCART output from the CMOS RGB port on the back of the Oric and the other had a physical switch to flip between tape-in and the VSync hack.  It also pulled power from the Oric’s expansion port.  The second version is on a single board and packaged into one box.  It does the VSync hack automagically and will repackage the original PSU.  As a result it will have a kettle lead and 3 jack ports in and 3 leads out (power, RGB and Tape).

TinyTrax – Think big, think Tiny!  This is TZT’s bite size synth tracker designed for 4k demos.  V1 hit problems with a data size limit in Crinkler, making it all but useless.  V2 has changed the way the playback system works from the ground up.  The data is still highly compressible, but the data footprint is also greatly reduced.

The SOTU Project and SOTU: Victoria – This is the Victoria Line themed music disc.  Not strictly TZT related, but it is scene related and it’s a time sink, so here it is.

This list isn’t complete.  There are some other side projects (both software and hardware), work and family life in there too.